Exploring Africa

August 18th – August 20th, Galway

Have you recently come back from Africa? Or are you going there soon? Would you like to learn more about the continent of Africa?
If you have answered yes to one of these questions, then this Three day course is just for you. The Exploring Africa training course will introduce the continent’s contribution towards human civilization and the richness of its culture and resources. The course aims to take a closer look at the area of peace and conflict and its political and global connections.  It will also consider the colonial impact on the continent and examine how the image of Africa has been portrayed both in the past and to this present day as well as dealing with ingrained perceptions and stereotypes held of its people.

Contact: For more information or for an application form please e-mail rebecca@africacentre.ie or telephone 01 6619289

Thanks to Irish Aid for their financial support

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