‘We Only Want The Earth’: A Global Justice Infant Teaching Resource.

This resource was created as part of the Global Teachers Award, a programme which offers training and support to educators who wish to engage their students in learning about, and for, social justice, locally and globally.

The activities, approaches and perspectives presented here are offered in response to numerous requests for examples of materials for engaging younger learners. They aim to support an age appropriate exploration of development issues, and ways of thinking and learning about how communities can take meaningful action for change.

Profound thanks to Dr Triona Stokes of Maynooth University for writing this engaging and creative resource.

Thanks also to Sharon Murphy and Aoife Titley for their support, and to Global Teachers Award participants for their inputs and feedback. We are also very grateful to author Kevin Doyle, and to illustrator Spark Deely, for their generous permission to include images and extracts from their book, The Worms That Saved the World.

Fair use and sharing of this resource in an educational context is encouraged. Please contact GOWC about onward use.

Galway One World Centre (2019)

Galway One World Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of Irish Aid for the development of this resource. We also wish to point out that the ideas, opinions and comments therein are entirely the responsibility of the GOWC, and do not necessarily represent Irish Aid policy.