‘Quality or Quantity”

GOWC is delighted to be involved in new project with Reading International Solidarity Centre in the UK:

 ‘Quality or Quantity: Measuring teachers’ impact on pupil attitudes and actions’.

This is based on RISC’s resource pack for evaluating the impact of development education work in school, ‘How Do We Know It’s Working?‘ (2008) http://www.risc.org.uk/education/current-projects/quality-or-quantity

The pack contains a number of simple but effective participatory tools for establishing a baseline prior to DE work, and measuring shifts in attitudes or values following the work.

This project involves working on an expanded and enhanced version, which will be relevant to teachers and pupils of all ages across the European Union.

The project will involve teachers, student teachers and  tutors to develop ways of measuring change in pupils’ attitudes and actions. The work will be carried out with EU funding, and with partner organisations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Ethiopia and the South East of England over a three year period.

For more information, or to organise a workshop, or get involved in trialling activities, please contact Vicky Donnelly at 091 530590 / 0871122046 / education@galwayowc.org

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