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The Global Teachers Award

The GTA is a validated teacher-training programme currently being made available across Ireland and in 3 EU partner-countries. It aims to raise the profile and quality of development education provision in the European Union through the creation of a standardised development education training and award scheme for teachers.

Teachers will be supported and trained in the development of skills and confidence to bring a global perspective to their classrooms, through participatory activities focused on six key themes:

  • Global Citizenship
  • Social Justice
  • Diversity
  • Human Rights
  • Interdependence
  • Sustainable Development

The GTA is an EU-supported training programme which will progress over 3 Levels.

Level 1 is currently available and involves a six hour module validated by Liverpool Hope University (UK). This training in Ireland is currently being offered free of charge.

Training activities:- 

Key global concepts – exploring the fundamentals of education for global citizenship

Perspectives – space to reflect on our own assumptions, and skills to encourage pupils to question theirs.

Approaches to learning – developing critical thinking skills

Practical ideas – for use in the classroom and the curriculum.

Measuring change – tools for evaluating impact

For more information on the GTA and to book training, please contact Vicky Donnelly (Project Worker) at or tel:  0871122046

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