About the GOWC

The Galway One World Centre (GOWC) was formed in 1992 as a voluntary organisation. Members of GOWC are individuals or groups with an interest in development education and solidarity work that links local and global issues. New committees are elected annually by current members of GOWC.

  • GOWC’s mission is to create educational opportunities in Galway that develop a critical analysis of the unequal power relationships that historically and currently exist between diverse groups, both locally and globally.

GOWC’s aim is to empower people through education, direct action, networking, outreach and provision of resources to create a world where all people have equality of rights, opportunities and respect. GOWC’s definition of development education is “a participatory, empowering and stimulating process that aims to expand the analysis of power, justice and equality that operates at both the local and global levels to challenge injustice and inspire solidarity actions”.

Core Principles

  • Justice – challenging structural inequalities and supporting fairer alternatives
  • Partnership – promoting solidarity between groups and individuals sharing common goals
  • Anti-Racism – tackling injustice at both local and global level depends on a thorough analysis of racism
  • Education – developing and using methodologies and creative approaches that will reach diverse audiences
  • Capacity Building
  • Linking local and global – highlighting our existing connections worldwide in order to mainstream an understanding of interconnectedness
  • Embracing Difference – cultivating a true appreciation of the strength of diversity


Development Education is about questioning our knowledge and perceptions about how the world works and about what role we play in it. It looks at the meanings of concepts such as ‘development’ in order to increase our understanding of the interconnectedness of our world. We aim to work with a number of different groups in our educational programmes as we believe that education is neither limited by age nor by the level of education people have received so far.

Primary Level

Using creative and active methodologies, we can offer a range of workshops for children linking with key SPHE curriculum areas. Themes include global citizenship, diversity, food justice, human rights, and sustainability. We can also tailor workshops to your groups’ interests and requirements.

Post-Primary Level

Similarly, we welcome requests for workshops on global justice themes of specific interest to junior and senior cycle students in secondary schools. Topic areas include:

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Racism and Diversity
  • Food Security and Sovereignty
  • Trade and Tax Justice
  • Aid: Images and Messages
  • Sustainability
  • Refuge and Asylum
  • The Global Debt Crisis

WorldWise: We provide training for students and for staff involved in global partnerships, focussing on developing and sustaining links with partner schools.

Third level:  We collaborate with a number of universities on Initial Teacher Education project.   We can also provide talks on different subjects to students and societies.

Community Events & Training

We are very happy to provide presentations on different global justice topics to community groups. This can include inputs to conferences, advising on speakers / providing speakers for meetings & seminars, training courses of different lengths and presentations on the GOWC.

Youth Work

We work on specific projects with Youth organisations both locally and nationally, in particular in close collaboration with the National Youth Council of Ireland on the annual One World Week training sessions in Galway.

Night Classes:  We have developed a series of evening classes that we offer on a regular basis in Galway City & County. Each weekly, two-hour session examines issues and allows participants to explore the topics and contribute at every stage. The courses are hosted by activists and academics, blending theoretical knowledge with the wisdom of lived experience in a dynamic exchange. The sessions are friendly, informal and no previous knowledge of or involvement in these issues is required. Example topics include Global Economics & Class, Rethinking Society, Strategies for Action, Food Security, Anti-Racism, Asylum & Refuge, Human Rights and Sustainability. These classes can also be delivered in your locality on demand and can be adjusted to take into account your interests regarding global development.


Over the past number of years, we have been delighted to work in collaboration with the Baboró International Arts Festival to provide a development education perspective within their programme which has included storytellers from Guyana, Yemen, Jamaica, Australia, the UK and Ireland.

Latin America Week

 For a number of years, the Centre  worked in conjunction with the Latin America Solidarity Centre and other local groups to celebrate Latin America Week. Events have included film screenings, literary evenings, talks by visiting Latin American speakers on topics such as human rights, social movements and food security.

Galway African Film Festival

The festival which began in 2008 aims to celebrate Africa Day (May 25th) and to showcase the work of African film makers grew to become an annual event in partnership with the Huston School of Film & Digital Media and the Galway Film Society, who helped to make this a very successful and enjoyable event. The programme also includeed films for our younger audiences and in particular, we cater for school bookings which have proved very successful.  The GAFF is now an independent project.  More information can be found at galwayafricanfilmfestival.org