Forum Theatre Scripting Workshop


Human rights activist Sanjoy Ganguly, the founder of Jana Sanskriti, India,

in conjunction with ALâ,

to facilitate Forum Theatre scripting workshop in Galway.


The workshop will run from Friday evening 17th to Sunday afternoon 19th October in the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Arus De Brun, Newtownsmith, Galway.

Jana Sanskriti is the largest Theatre of the Oppressed organization in the world with 27 years’ experience. It is a cultural movement based on humanism, it empowers people to fight oppression, it believes that the culture of monologue needs to be broken and a habit of dialogue established. Dialogue opens up space for rational thinking. Once empowered the people become aware of their ability to plan and provide dynamic, constructive leadership in their society.

The Sanjoy Ganguly workshop will revisit Boal and advise on how to script plays instead of playing the script using games as social metaphor.  There for it will be of great benefit to people who have experience in Forum Theatre and use it to facilitate dialogue around social issues and who wish to develop their skills in writing scripts for Forum Theatre.

The Sanjoy Ganguly workshop is a self-funding workshop and ALâ has made every effort to keep costs to a minimum of €250 for organisations and a concession rate of €195 for voluntary and community group members.

It must be stressed that to benefit from this workshop participants need to have experience of Theatre of the Oppressed.



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