Anti Racism Complaint Upheld!

Our Anti Racism worker, Sharon Murphy, made a complaint regarding racist comments on the David Harvey show, Classic Hits 4FM. Her complaint was upheld!  Our congratulations to Sharon on this inspiring win.

Sharon explains, I was told by an acquaintance to listen to the new radio station, Classic Hits 4FM, ” they sound radical, not afraid to discuss uncomfortable issues” she said. Like what I asked? “Issues of the day, politics, immigration, banks defaulting, etc”. I tuned in during April 2013. It seemed to me whenever the topics of immigration, welfare, employment or housing were discussed it quickly became a justification for people to discuss the behaviour of minority groups. I was shocked and hurt by many of the insults that were aired i.e. “Africans should be sterilised” ”Nigerians are dirty”, which mostly went unchallenged by the presenter, David Harvey. I wondered, how is it that these offensive comments could be allowed to go unchallenged without any consequences? Over the next few months on behalf of the Galway One World Centre I decided to monitor the show. We sent our findings to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Thankfully they upheld our complaint. Sharon Murphy-Anti Racism Worker

Please find full statement by the Broadcasting Authority (page 4) BAI_October2013
As explained, in the statement, Sharon read a poem out on air about her feelings on the show, this was NOT a right of reply but we thought you might like to hear the poem, this time, Sharon has put it to music.