Building the Foundations for Equality – Anti-Racism for Educators

Racism-March-big-tout19th March

Venue: Galway Education Centre / 7-9pm [Suitable for Primary & Secondary teachers]

21st March is the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and is marked across Europe with a week dedicated to challenging racism and the promotion of interculturalism.  This workshop will explore the issues of racism and inequality from a development perspective, and help participants to sharpen their analysis of how racism operates, both locally and globally, and how we address it in our teaching practice.  How can we best support students’ sense of fairness, encourage critical thinking and raise their awareness of justice and equality issues, locally and globally? These workshops will offer educators an opportunity to discuss and challenge some commonly held myths and well-meaning assumptions about diversity as well as providing stimulus materials for use in the classroom.

Galway One World Centre and Amnesty International

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