How does the World look to You?

8 week evening course

– part of NUI Galway Adult Education Programme – 

starting Oct. 3rd

Costs: €120.00

Today’s world seems to becoming more and more interconnected through ever faster communication technologies and transport possibilities. However, while this has become a reality for many people, it has not led to greater understanding or solidarity between people. This course attempts to increase adult learners’ understanding of the world we live in and the global challenges we face. It will explain global inequalities and how these affect us here in Ireland and give pointers how we can begin to challenge injustice. The course will include both updated information on specific issues as well as use creative methodologies to increase the learning experience.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Development
  • Images & Messages: Anti-Racist Perspectives on Global Development
  • Trade Justice
  • What is Aid?
  • Gender & Development
  • Whose Debt are you on?
  • Sustainability – Climate Change and Local Resilience
  • Sustainability – Food Sovereignity

All sessions will be facilitated by a variety of people with extensive experience.

For booking details please contact / 091 492062

For further details on topics covered contact the Galway One World Centre, / 091 530590

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