“Mapping the Health Needs of Migrant Women”

AkiDwA, the African and Migrant Women’s Network,in association with Galway Refugee Support Group (GRSG)

Invites you to a seminar on “Mapping the Health Needs of Migrant Women”

Date: 21 September 2011

Time: 9.30am – 2pm

Venue: Menlo Park Hotel, Terryland, Galway

While integration is always a challenge for ethnic minorities, the current economic climate has increased migrants’ feelings of marginalisation and ‘racialisation’. This is especially the case for asylum seekers in Ireland, who are segregated and not allowed to work or take up third level education, which often results in a sense of isolation.

Women migrants, regardless of their immigration status, face additional, gender-based obstacles to integration and equality. The obstacles can include: their migration status, their roles as mothers, gender-based violence, female genital mutilation (FGM), reproductive health issues and also their often overlooked marginalisation within migrant communities. However, despite the difficulties they face, migrant women in Ireland have shaped and continue to enrich Irish society.

This seminar, hosted collaboratively by AkiDwA and Galway Refugee Support Group (GRSG) forms a part of AkiDwA’s 10th anniversary celebrations. It aims to bring together representatives from various sectors and migrant women themselves to discuss the existing health needs facing migrants and explore strategies that could help minimise some of the causes.

Admission is free but booking is essential as places are limited. Please contact Alwiye Xuseyn by email, alwiye@akidwa.ie or phone 01 834 9851.

For full list of AkiDwA’s 10th anniversary events, please visit www.akidwa.ie